Ethno-Anthropological Museum

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The Ethno-Anthropological Museum was created in 2001 with the Community contribution FEOGA structural fund, program leader II "Rock of cerere", of which the town of Nissoria is a partner. The creation of the museum of civilization in Nissoria is another important opportunity for growth for our community. Growth in terms of cooperation between different agencies, including the areas of administrative organization and between the common and individual citizens. Growth in cultural terms, as we can not forget that our current reality is closely linked to the rural origins in the full sense of the word. In order not to lose this bond, to strengthen it in its sentimental aspects, human, traditional, we think that an initiative can testify faithfully to our children and to future generations, the world from which we come, for them to not forget, so that know him, respect him and love him.

The ethno-anthropological museum is nestled in the park on September 11, wanted by Mayor Angelo Murgo in 2001 to commemorate the victims of the attack on the Twin Towers took place on 11 September 2001 which was attended by some inhabitants of Nissoria.

Outside the museum there is an old mill with millstone, donated to the museum by a family originally from Nissoria. It consists of two giant wheels that act as stone grinder. Within it are placed the olives already cleaned; by grinding them was out of the dough, which placed in the cylinders rope called "coffee", he was squeezed by the press. The liquid product was put into the separators where it was divided oil from water, at the end was obtained the finished product, namely olive oil.

Many artifacts were donated by many citizens who have accepted the invitation of the municipal administration to collaborate to the preparation of this museum.

The management of the Museum:
To manage Ethno-Anthropological Museum  and farming culture is the association Pro Loco Nissoria, that a specific agreement with the City of Nissoria, represented by Mayor Dr. Armando Glorioso, operates within the structure ensuring the enjoyment, the order and cleanliness .

The association Pro Loco Nissoria, nonprofit, has the purpose of promoting social, enhancement of reality and potential natural, cultural, historical, tourist and gastronomic of the place on which it stands; He carries out important artistic, sociological, tourist, and cultural and promotional work in the Museum of peasant culture of Nissoria, enhanced and promoted as the flagship of a human journey and ethno-anthropological Sicilian hinterland. The members are all boys, aged 13 to 30 years, and work together to achieve the goals dealing, in groups, in different branches of activity.

It must specify that the Plexus museum consists of 8 parts, by which you take life as a series of corollary activities that revolve around the building. The eight parts are set out below:

– Park on September 11;
– Garden museum;
– Multimedia classroom and info point;
– Laboratory of recycling;
– Room recreational-cultural youth Nissoria (youth center) and the hinterland;
– Toilet area;
– Esplanade opposite the museum;
– Area museale- Museum of peasant culture.